Like what we do, and want to get involved with the CEID?

Yale undergraduates, graduate and professional students, faculty, and research staff are all eligible for CEID membership! Becoming a CEID member is easy, fun, and allows you to --

  • Get 24/7 swipe access to the Center,
  • Attend CEID workshops and activities,
  • Get trained on our equipment,
  • Have first priority to CEID public events,
  • And work with cool people on awesome projects!

CEID Membership is a three-step process:

  1. Take the Member Quiz on the CEID Page, under Tests & Quizzes on Classes*V2
    • Find 'CEID' under 'Membership'-> 'Joinable Sites' in Classes*v2.
    • The quiz tests you on CEID safety rules and our Code of Conduct (see below), which you should read before taking!
    • You must get 11/13 points on the quiz to pass
    • You can take the quiz multiple times, and if you do not pass the first time, you can click on “Feedback”
  2. Attend a CEID Orientation and sign a Membership Agreement Form
    1. Register for a session under “Sign-up” on the CEID Classes*v2 page
    2. Make sure to show up on time for the orientation, which lasts 45 minutes and introduces you to the resources we have.