Student-Built Device Clears the Way For Surgeons

Blood, fat, and anything else that gets in the way can make things tricky for surgeons. To clear the way, a vacuum tube is used to suck away the debris and give doctors a clear field of view. The problem is that the system for suctioning the debris can get clogged - a lot. 

That’s where the students of Engineering Innovation & Design (ENAS 118) come in. Taught by SEAS senior research scientist Larry Wilen and SEAS Deputy Dean Vince Wilczynski, the course taps the expertise of faculty and staff from numerous disciplines throughout Yale. Each of these experts tasks a student team with a problem to solve.

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Concussion Treating Device Wins Rothberg Catalyzer Prize


OnTrack Rehab, a project that grew out of Medical Device Design and Innovation (MENG/BENG 404), won the Rothberg Catalyzer Prize @ Yale at StartUp Yale.

The project, designed to help doctors better diagnose and rehabilitate patients with concussions, won the $15,000 prize at Friday’s event at the Yale School of Management. The team, which consists of Holly Zhou and Brian Beitler, Mrinal Kumar, and Pong Trairatvoraku, competed against three other finalists, each of whom had an allotted amount of time to pitch their projects.

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Engineering meets the Arts with Michelangelo’s ‘David

Engineering meets the Arts with Michelangelo’s ‘David

Students in “Introduction to Engineering Innovation & Design” course spend half a semester putting their new engineering skills to work for other members of the Yale community. This team partnered with the Institute for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage (IPCH) to study the effects of gravity over time on the famous sculpture “David” by the Italian artist Michelangelo.

The students built a machine, nicknamed FRED (Force Relay Exertion Device), and models that mimicked the angles and pressures of David’s ankles. They made the models in different materials, including concrete and clay, so the IPCH can see what happens with different materials.

FRED is now used in another class that studies the materials sciences of the arts and is taught by IPCH scientists.

Yale student from Lincoln turns backyard rinks into fast-growing business

Yale student from Lincoln turns backyard rinks into fast-growing business

"It all began in Dylan Gastel’s backyard in Lincoln, where he and his dad painstakingly built rinks every winter. Now, the modular design he created has made that laborious process a snap, and the Boston Bruins’ head coach is among his many satisfied customers.

A Yale University senior, Dylan Gastel expects to graduate in May and then work full-time at a company he has created while in college and while juggling academics, the varsity crew team and club hockey."

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Yale SOM Entrepreneurs: Arix Technologies

Yale SOM Entrepreneurs: Arix Technologies

"...At Yale, Liu found a vibrant entrepreneurial community committed to giving founders help and support. She also found engineers to help design the technology and machine shop space to build and test prototypes. That combination, she said, helped her quickly reach the point where she’s talking to major oil and gas companies about testing the robots in their facilities..."

"That's Why I Toured Yale"- The CEID Makes a Cameo

"That's Why I Toured Yale"- The CEID Makes a Cameo

“The video showcases both the beautiful Yale campus and a unique Yale wit in a way that will resonate with prospective students,” said Dean of Undergraduate Admissions and Financial Aid Jeremiah Quinlan in the Yale Daily News. “I am confident it will make a strong impression on our campus visitors, who will watch the video before their information session or tour. I am also optimistic that the video online will reach a diverse group of prospective students from around the world who are unable to visit campus.”

The CEID makes its cameo at 2:53

Student Teams Present Groundbreaking Work at CEID


As part of ENAS 118, Introduction to Engineering Innovation and Design, multidisciplinary student teams collaborated with Yale clients to tackle a variety of challenges. Read on to learn how students engineered novel methods to study art, educate toddlers, excel at sports, and more.

Students Engineer New Ways to Study Art, Wash Hands, and Practice Lacrosse

From Ancient Chinese Mirrors to Soil Collecting, Students Demonstrate Their Innovations

Hackathon Addresses Health Care Disparities

Thirty-one members of the Yale community convened at the Center for Engineering Innovation and Design this past weekend for the Hack the Gap health care hackathon.

Original Yale News Article here.

Engineering and Art Meet at Two Museums

Both the Yale Center for British Art (YCBA) and the Yale University Art Gallery (YUAG), have incorporated student projects borne out of Engineering Innovation & Design (ENAS 118), to complement ongoing exhibits that opened recently.

Full Yale SEAS Story here.

Engineering Students Design Lacrosse Practice Solution

The product of one of CEID's classes - ENAS 118: Introduction to Engineering, Innovation & Design - a smart lacrosse target that helps goalies avoid injury during practice is a new tool that Yale's lacrosse coaches now have in their arsenal, thanks to the partnership between Yale Athletics and the CEID.

Yale Daily News Article here.