Like what we do, and want to get involved with the CEID?

Yale undergraduates, graduate and professional students, faculty, and staff are all eligible for CEID membership! Becoming a CEID member is easy, fun, and allows you to --

  • Get 24/7 swipe access to the Center,
  • Attend CEID workshops and activities,
  • Get trained on our equipment,
  • Have first priority to CEID public events,
  • And work with cool people on awesome projects!

CEID Membership is a tWO-step process:

  1. Add the CEID to  "My Memberships" on OrgSync
    • Find the Center for Engineering Innovation, and Design using the Search Bar at the top of the Yale Org Sync landing page.
    • Once you have added our portal to your memberships, you should see a list of all upcoming Orientations. 
  2. Attend a CEID Orientation and sign a Membership Agreement Form
    1. Register for a CEID Orientation under the "Events" tab
    2. Make sure to show up on time for the orientation, which lasts 45-60 minutes and introduces you to the resources we have.

Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

CEID Code of Conduct


  1. CEID members keep each other safe.

  2. CEID members use the Center’s resources to advance its mission.

  3. The activities of CEID members within the Center reflect the Center’s values.

  4. CEID members create a safe and fun place to learn, make, and share by being a good citizen of the Center’s physical resources and being courteous of other members and staff.

  5. CEID members keep in mind their own and other members’ right to safety and a positive learning experience.




  1. Yale undergraduates, graduate students, faculty, and research staff are all eligible for membership at the CEID.

  2. CEID membership and 24/7 swipe access to the space are granted once the in-person orientation session has been completed.

  3. CEID membership may be revoked, at the discretion of the CEID Director, for failure to observe the code of conduct.

  4. Trainings for specific equipment are available for all CEID members. Trainings and written approval are required for the Makerbot 3D printers, laser cutter, and machine shop equipment.


  1. If there is an accident and someone is hurt in the Center:
    i. Call 9-1-1 from your mobile phone or a campus phone.
    ii. Get help from CEID staff.
    iii. Do you best to provide assistance while emergency response team arrives.
    iv. Call the director (number posted on blue cards outside shops).

  2. Follow all Yale University safety policies and procedures.

  3. CEID members follow the instructions of space and staff.

  4. Do not do anything that is not safe. If there is any uncertainty about whether an activity is safe, please consult CEID staff before proceeding.

  5. If you see a fellow CEID member doing something that might be unsafe, tell them.

  6. If you see something dangerous in the Center, inform the other occupants of the Center as well as CEID staff immediately.

  7. For your safety and security, video cameras are located throughout the Center.

  8. Before any chemicals are brought in to the CEID, they must be discussed with CEID staff and MSDS sheets must be provided.

  9. The entire CEID is a Class 2 shop space. Access is restricted to those who have become members or are accompanied by CEID Staff.
    i. During club meetings, everyone in the club must be a member of the CEID.
    ii. The CEID front door should only be propped open by CEID staff.

Meeting Spaces:

  1. Use lockers for short-term storage of active projects. They can be requested from CEID staff. No food or objects that produce fumes or odors should be stored.

  2. Meeting rooms and lecture hall are available for reservation by courses and CEID affiliated student organizations using room reservation request form.

  3. The lecture hall and meeting rooms are available for studying or working if they are not previously reserved.

  4. Leave all spaces clean and organized:
    i. Do not leave trash or personal belongings in the rooms.
    ii. Return meeting rooms and lecture hall to default configurations when finished.

Work Spaces:

  1. Only use tools and equipment that you are qualified to operate. If you are not absolutely sure about how to use a tool or small piece of equipment, or you are not sure if you are qualified, ask a CEID staff member for help.

  2. Leave the space clean for other members:
    i. Projects should only be out when students are actively working.
    ii. Return tools to their designated storage area when you are done with them.
    iii. Work areas should be swept, vacuumed, or wiped clean when finished.

  3. Close-toed shoes must be worn in the studio space.

  4. Covered drinks are allowed in the studio space, but not food.

  5. Tools can only be used in the CEID and should not leave the CEID.

  6. Let the CEID staff know immediately if any tools are broken or malfunctioning.

  7. Safety glasses must be worn when:
    i. Cutting or sawing
    ii. Hammering or banging
    iii. Compressing or storing potential energy
    iv. Using power tools of any kind
    v. Within 10 feet of any of the above activities.

  8. For more information, refer to more specific rules posted in each space.

CEID Materials:

  1. Only take and use raw materials that you need. Return unused material to where it belongs.

  2. Be mindful of the expense of raw materials, both in terms of its financial cost, as well as its environmental costs.

  3. Whenever possible, reduce, reuse and recycle.

  4. If material stocks are running low, please inform CEID staff immediately.

Machine Shop:

  1. The machine shop houses most of our precise metal-working equipment, including band saws, drill presses, mills, lathes, and sanders. There are formal trainings available for the tools in the machine shop.

  2. Only use equipment that you have been qualified (i.e. approved) to use. Most pieces of fixed equipment have training courses that are available for sign-up on OrgSync.

  3. Shop hours are posted on the door.

  4. Follow posted instructions.

  5. Leave equipment cleaner than you found it (i.e. clean, organized, and in its default configuration)

  6. If there are any problems with equipment, inform CEID staff immediately.

Wood Shop:

  1. The wood shop contains equipment for working with wood and plastics, including a ShopBot (CNC router), spindle sander, vacuum former, injection molder, and fume hood.

  2. Use of equipment in the wood shop is available on a case-by-case basis. Come talk to the CEID staff if you would like to use the equipment.


  1. The wet lab is a BSL 1 lab that is set up primarily for microfluidics and genetic engineering. It includes sterilized equipment, microscopes, pipettes, incubators, and other equipment.

  2. Project proposals can be submitted to staff for review. Check in with CEID Staff if you have a project idea!


  1. Keep the CEID a fun, welcoming and effective place to work for everyone. Avoid activities that disrupt other activities in the Center, or discourage other people from using the space.

  2. Ask for feedback and help with your projects. Students and staff in the Center are a great resource.

  3. Shop hours are posted on the door.


  1. When resources in the Center cannot meet demand, CEID staff may intervene to give priority to activities that best support its mission and values.

  2. CEID staff may exclude any activities that do not support the Center’s mission and values.