1) In two pages, describe your design project idea and your plan for the summer.  Be sure to fully describe your design project and articulate specific goals for this fellowship.  Should elements of your project need to be installed and/or tested at a location other than the CEID, please estimate the amount of time for external testing and propose a testing venue for the project.

2) For each team member, provide an unofficial Yale transcript and a paragraph describing their role on the team.  This overview should illustrate how their background, interests and/or skills are relevant to the design project. 

It strongly recommended that you run your idea past CEID staff before you submit your application.  

Office hours will be held each FRIDAY in the CEID from 1:00-2:30 where you can visit with CEID staff to discuss your proposal and get feedback on your preliminary ideas. 

Submit your application to with subject line: CEID Summer Fellowship: application