The CEID is designed to provide students and faculty tools and resources for classes, design projects, and collaborative activities. It features multiple spaces: a lecture area and meeting rooms for the exploration of new ideas, a machine shop, a sheet metal area, a wood shop, a wet lab, and a studio for the creation of physical prototypes. Download our equipment list.



The Studio:

The CEID studio features rapid prototyping equipment, a cutting and sewing area, hand and power tools, electronic work stations, five 3D printers (three Makerbot 5th Generation Replicators, a Dimension Elite, and an Objet30 Pro), a vinyl cutter, sheet metal equipment, and much more. There is also a wide variety of prototyping materials (plywood, cloth, foam core, cardboard, etc.), electrical components, and fasteners, all of which available to our members 24 hours a day.

Lecture Hall:

The lecture hall is a fully equipped, configurable classroom that seats up to 40 people. It has multiple projection surfaces, ample whiteboard space, and a variety of presentation equipment. The lecture hall is used by our courses and can also be reserved by student groups for events, info sessions, and workshops. 

Metal Machine Shop:

The machine shop contains standard metal working equipment (drill presses, sanders, grinders, band saws, etc.) as well as 3 CNC mills, two lathes, and a 24” x 48” industrial laser cutter. Formal trainings are required to use the laser cutter and metal working equipment. CEID members can access signups for our trainings through the CEID Org Sync profile.

Wood Shop:

The wood shop contains basic woodworking equipment, in addition to a 4’ x 4’ Shopbot CNC router, a vacuum former, and small injection molder. There is also a fume hood for gluing, painting, and composites work. Formal trainings are required to use the equipment in the wood shop.



The upstairs level of the CEID includes meeting rooms, biological wet lab, bathrooms, an elevator, and the offices of our director and assistant director.

Meeting Rooms:

Each of the five meeting rooms in the CEID seat up to twelve people and is equipped with a computer, large format monitor, and white board space. Multiple rooms can be combined via collapsible walls, which separate the rooms. Rooms can be reserved by courses and CEID-affiliated student organizations and are available on a first come basis for studying, gaming, or just hanging out.

Wet Lab:

The CEID wet lab has equipment designed to support chemical, environmental, and biological work, and provides a clean and isolated workspace for contaminant sensitive processing. The lab contains standard equipment such as incubators, refrigerators, ovens, microscopes, and an electrophoresis gel reader, in addition to a suite of tools to develop microfluidics. The lab is BSL1 designated, and special permission is needed to use the space. Both a project proposal and MSDS listing of chemicals used are required for consideration.

Training Materials

Throughout the space there are guides on how to use specific equipment to supplement to our in-person trainings.  You can obtain a digital copy of our training materials below:

NextEngine 3D Scanner

Universal ILS12.150D Laser Cutter

MakerBot Replicator+ 3D Printer

Singer® Heavy Duty 4423 Sewing Machine

Creating a Vector Image Using CorelDRAW

Roland CAMM-1 GX-24 24" Desktop Servo Cutter (Vinyl Cutter)