Engineering Students Design Lacrosse Practice Solution

The product of one of CEID's classes - ENAS 118: Introduction to Engineering, Innovation & Design - a smart lacrosse target that helps goalies avoid injury during practice is a new tool that Yale's lacrosse coaches now have in their arsenal, thanks to the partnership between Yale Athletics and the CEID.

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Students Use Virtual Reality to View Tissue

Virtual reality can take you to Mars, the North Pole, even back in time. But how about inside the kidney of a mouse? Students in Medical Device Design & Innovation (MENG/BENG 404) have developed a virtual reality platform that allows for a closer examination of 3D images from kidney biopsies.

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Engineering Students Enlightening Museum Goers On Newton

Engineering Students Enlightening Museum Goers On Newton

The exhibit is a collaboration between YCBA and Historic Royal Palaces, an organization that manages some of the United Kingdom's unoccupied royal palaces. The exhibit will be open at the YCBA from early February through April and at Kensington Palace starting in June.

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HAM Radio at Yale, 85 Years And Going Strong

HAM Radio at Yale, 85 Years And Going Strong

Making its own comeback is Yale’s amateur radio organization, W1YU. Founded in the early 1930s, the Amateur Radio Club at Yale had a strong run for many decades, but activity started quieting down by the 1980s and ‘90s “as other technologies became shiny and new.” But in recent months, the crackle, hiss and chatter of amateur radio systems is springing back to life in the Yale community and around New Haven. And indeed, the club has been going full force in the last year or so: earlier this semester, it hosted a very well-attended demonstration for Yale students at the Center for Engineering Innovation and Design (CEID), and it now holds regular meetings for members and prospective members in Dunham Lab. 

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Yale start-up’s device makes a medical procedure a lot safer

Yale start-up’s device makes a medical procedure a lot safer

Placing a central venous catheter, or a central line, in patients is a common procedure for physicians, but not an easy one. In fact, mistakes happen up to 10 percent of the time and cost U.S. hospitals an estimated $4.5 billion each year.

With its Ballistra Guidewire Advancer, the Acantha Medical team – made up of Yale students and faculty – hopes to eliminate many of those complications and make the procedure much safer. In less than two years, the start-up has attracted a number of investors and accolades. Most recently, it won a $15,000 prize from the National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering and VentureWell.

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CEID Enters its Fifth Year

CEID Enters its Fifth Year

CEID members have, in just four years, created successful medical startups, placed at national design competitions, formed new extracurricular groups, produced and published studies, and more. The center’s assistant director, Joseph Zinter spends time there almost every day and is consistently impressed by the work and innovation of its members.

“It is an incredibly vibrant and inspiring community,” said Zinter.

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Innovations for Children's Health at Hackathon

Innovations for Children's Health at Hackathon

A wearable breathalyzer, an app designed to improve communication between patients and health care workers and a device that would flag false alarms for hospital patients were just a few of the innovations developed at HackPeds, a hackathon focused on children's health care.

The event, the second annual hackathon organized by the student group Bulldog Hacks, too place over two days at the Center for Engineering Innovation and Design (CEID).

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Yale startup on its way to $1 million  seed round

Yale startup on its way to $1 million seed round

A Yale startup has raised 75 percent of its $1 million target in the seed round of funding which began in February.

Founded by Ellen Su ’13 and Levi Deluke ’14, the medical technology startup Wellinks features a smart strap for scoliosis back braces called “Cinch.” The product is linked to a smartphone application via bluetooth, which allows users, their guardians and doctors to track data on how long the brace has been worn.

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Engineering Better Waves for Surfers Everywhere

Engineering Better Waves for Surfers Everywhere

The technology of surfing, for much of the sport's history, has focused on better boards for riding the waves. In recent years, though, some forward-looking folks have focused instead on the waves themselves and have created what's known as "surf parks" or "wave gardens." Here, surfers can ride artificial waves inside giant pools.

For the course Mechanical Engineering Special Projects (MENG 472), Jan Schroers, Professor of mechanical engineering, and Larry Wilen, a Center for Engineering Innovation & Design mentor and senior research scientist, set up the challenge of building a prototype of a surf park that would allow for the study of wave formation and to assess energy and economic requirements of an actual park.

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Exploring the secret life of house sparrows with the aid of a 3D printer

Exploring the secret life of house sparrows with the aid of a 3D printer

Researchers at Yale's PET/CT Imaging Center, and at the Yale CEID are pushing the applications of 3D printing to help them during experiments where methods for monitoring specimens under anesthesia and standardizing the position of the specimen are falling short. With the design work of Senior Design Fellow Max Emerson, the researchers can now image sparrows in a safer and more reliably useful way. 

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CEID Fosters Innovative Startups

CEID Fosters Innovative Startups

Even though it’s only four years old, the Center for Engineering Innovation and Design (CEID) already has an impressive résumé of nurturing startups.

In just the last few years, the CEID has helped launch PremieBreathe, a low-cost infant respirator that seeks to prevent the respiratory complications that claim the lives of 1.5 million infants each year, especially in low- and middle-income countries; Wellinks, a clip that measures the tension in the straps of back braces worn by youngsters with scoliosis; Khushi Baby, a digital necklace that contains an infant’s complete vaccination history; an as-yet-unnamed device that aims to make notoriously painful bone marrow biopsies virtually painless; and more.

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With CEID, Engineering School Expands Hands-On Educational Opportunities

With CEID, Engineering School Expands Hands-On Educational Opportunities

Students perform mock brain surgery for the class "Medical Device Design and Innovation." Currently, the CEID hosts classes in mechanical, electrical, biomedical, chemical, and environmental engineering, and the topics range from creating a novel medical device to constructing a new musical instrument to developing ways to better treat wastewater.

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Rob Wallace on How To Present Yourself Concisely

Rob Wallace on How To Present Yourself Concisely

"It was a pleasure having Rob Wallace in the CEID on October 7th to lead a workshop on how to present yourself concisely. Wallace, a former ABC 20/20 and CBS 60 Minutes II producer, founded NxtAct, a company that works with individuals to create short, yet effective live resume videos."

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CEID Alums Premie Breathe Win 250,000 USAID Saving Lives at Birth Grant

The CEID is proud of our former Summer Fellows Premie Breathe on all of their accomplishments!

More on Premie Breathe and their feature on SEAS's website here. 


“We agreed there was no reason this couldn't be done, especially with a strong engineering team in place,” Stone said. The core team soon grew to include Chan, a biomedical engineer, Jordan Sabin (’16), a mechanical engineer, and Shirin Ahmed (’12) with the Global Health Leadership Institute (GHLI). The company has since expanded to include student members Maddie Knapp ‘17 and Medha Vyavahare ‘17, Erik Tharp ’16, and David Wang ‘18.

GHLI provided support to PremieBreathe and facilitated a relationship with Ayder Referral Hospital in Ethiopia. The venture advanced with a summer fellowship in the Center for Engineering Innovation and Design(CEID) and Yale Entrepreneurial Institute (YEI) provided resources and mentorship.

When Chan and Sabin visited Ethiopia in 2015, they saw doctors using devices cobbled together with old tubing and soda cans to deliver oxygen to vulnerable infants. Besides being too costly for many of these healthcare facilities, existing respirators require reliable electricity, sterile water, compressed oxygen, and other resources scarce at hospitals in the region.

With these economic and environmental constraints in mind, the team spent two years refining the device and getting feedback from partners in Ethiopia and their mentors at Yale. The result is a device expected to retail for approximately one-fifth the cost of commercially available equivalents. It also operates independent of significant clinical infrastructure. "

2016 CEID Summer Fellow Final Presentations

"Members of the fourth cohort of the Yale School of Engineering & Applied Science's Summer Design Fellowship made their final presentations last week. The 12 students in residence at the Center for Engineering Innovation & Design comprised five teams, each working on a specific project for eight weeks. The Summer Design Fellowship is unique in that student teams are provided the resources to create hardware and software solutions for a specific problem, as opposed to working on previously established research projects. It is the only fellowship specifically designed to assist "makers" at Yale"

Read about all of our summer fellows here:

Acantha (Brandon Hudik)

Acantha, Brandon Hudik pictured above

Team Motor, Philip Piper, Betsy Li, Dante Archangeli (from left to right) 

The members of EZ Ice at an earlier event, Joseph Bedford and Craig Wojtala (from left to right)

Conduit, Tilman Bartelsmyer, Patrick Aiden Brooks, Hannah Knight ( from left to right) 

VIP Transplant (Lilium Wu, Zobia Chunara, Jefferson Zhou)

V.I.P Lilium Wu, Jefferson Zou, Zobia Chunara (from left to right) 

Yale Celebrates a Nation of Makers

If you were to visit the Center for Engineering Innovation & Design (CEID) recently, you might find a researcher using the 3D printer to reproduce fossilized monkey bones. Or you might meet a team of students working on an app for kidney transplant patients.


This type of dedication to innovation has caught the attention of the President of the United States, as well as the President of Yale University.  A White House initiative called the National Week of Making showcases the ingenuity and inventiveness of individuals who work together and create solutions to challenging problems.  Yale Engineering is featured in the White House Fact Sheet on the 2016 National Week of Making. Pres. Barack Obama initiated the week-long celebration of "the tinkerers and dreamers whose talent and drive have brought new ideas to life."


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