CEID Metal Shop

Training for the CEID Metal Shop is divided into two categories, phase 1 and phase 2. Phase 1 will cover the tools along the front window of the shop; drill presses, vertical bandsaw, grinders and beltsanders, as well as some hand tools such as the tapping jig and hand press. Phase 2 will cover the lathe (2A) and the mill (2B).

Phase 1 training consists of a single two hour session. Phase 2A and 2B each consist of 3 two hour sessions held over 3 consecutive days. Phase 1 is a pre-requisite for phase 2A and phase 2A is a pre-requisite for phase 2B. Training sessions are limited to 4 members at a time. You must be a member of the CEID to take the training. If you sign up for phase 2 training, you MUST be available for all three of the sessions. Successful completion of each phase gives the student supervised access to that set of machines during CEID shop hours.

Phase 1 training is generally held on Monday 8:30-10:30am and phase 2 training is generally held Tuesday-Thursday 8:30-10:30am. Signups are on classes v2 and new classes are usually posted 1 -2 weeks in advance.

Prior shop training: 

If you have prior machine shop training, we may allow you to use the CEID shop. As prior training, we recognize the following:

1)       Anyone who has completed Dave Johnson’s course satisfactorily in the past year. For anyone who has completed Dave’s course less recently, we will ask Dave to vouch that you have been a frequent and competent user of his shop in the interim.

2)       Anyone who has been trained by Nick Bernardo in the mechanical engineering shop, and for whom Nick will vouch has the necessary skills. There will be a voucher form for this purpose that Nick will fill out.

The use of the shop based on previous experience will be entirely at the discretion of the CEID shop supervisor. To begin the process of gaining access to the shop, you must sign up for a shop orientation session. The orientation sessions are scheduled according to demand, so please request one by e-mailing Larry Wilen at larry.wilen@yale.edu. You will need to bring either a transcript from Dave’s class or a voucher from Nick.

What does it mean to have access to the shop?

If you have access to the shop based on CEID training or prior training, you will be allowed to use the shop only when a shop supervisor is present. All users must check in with a supervisor before operating/energizing a machine, unless explicitly told that they do not need to do so. You will be required to follow all university and local rules regarding safety and usage. Priority in the CEID machine shop will be given to class projects, training activity, and projects that are consistent with the CEID mission. Highly time consuming or intricate designs will be referred to one of the professional shops on campus.

Students will be required to clean up after themselves on the machines. The general rule is to make the space look as good as or better than you found it. During machine use, the student should sweep the floor at reasonable intervals so as to keep chips out of standing areas or walking paths.