Ellen Su, Levi DeLuke, and Sebastian Monzon, are developing a compliance and feedback monitoring system to attach to braces of children with scoliosis. The device addresses an “overlooked but important problem,” says Sebastian. It has the purpose of recording and communicating how long and how tightly the braces are being worn to patients, doctors, and parent. The “immediate feedback” it provides separates it from preexisting devices and encourages children to wear their brace properly by “allowing them to get involved with the treatment” Levi said. The system is integrated into the straps so easy to install.

Formerly known as 109 Design, the team began their work this summer with a CEID summer fellowship. The group has also has partnered with the Yale School of Medicine, and is receiving support from the Yale Entrepreneurial Institute. The idea was “launched with entrepreneurship in mind,” Ellen noted. Wellinks hopes their product will reduce the number of surgeries, and is currently waiting to begin clinical trials.

Check out their website at http://www.wellinks.com

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