Yale Career Panels: A Candid View of the Biomedical Profession, Tuesday, 4/19 4:30-5:30pm, LC 211

This event is the twentieth career panel in a series covering different professions. The concept of this event is to have a panel of people who are either in biotech and medical devices or are investors in biotech and medical device companies who will provide candid view of the industry and the profession. Our three panelists represent differing perspectives: an executive who has had a career working in business development and finance in biotech (Luke Beshar, NPS Pharmaceuticals), a leading investor in biotech companies (Doug Jamison, Harris & Harris Group Inc.), and a R&D engineer at a leading medical device company (Emily Davis, Medtronic).

The panel discussion will be conducted simultaneously in New York City and at Yale, with the panelists and the moderator in New York. The two meeting rooms will be connected via video conference and the audience will be at both locations. Yale students and alumni are welcome to attend at either location. In addition, the panel discussion will be broadcast over the internet as a streaming video for those who cannot attend in person. 

Please register at http://yalecareerpanels-biomedical.eventbrite.com