• Yale CEID Laser Cutter (map)
  • 15 Prospect Street
  • New Haven, CT, 06511
  • United States

CEID Laser Cutter Training has a variety of components that are necessary to demonstrate competence on the laser cutter. Before attending training, please complete the online:

  • Yale Laser Safety Awareness Training (http://ehs.yale.edu/trainings/laser-safety-training)
  • Yale Embedded Laser Safety Training (http://ehs.yale.edu/trainings/embedded-laser-safety-program-ceid-personnel)
  • Once you have completed the training, go to the "Transcript" portion of http://www.yale.edu/training and print the certificate for "Laser Safety Awareness" by clicking the printer icon on that line. 

You MUST print out the certificate or else you will not be allowed to participate in the training. 
You do not need to register after the Embedded Laser Safety Awareness Training

We will be covering how to go from a drawing to a laser cut part as well as safety procedures associated with the laser.  

Please bring with you a typical file that you expect to use with the laser cutter- We will utilize your file during your training.