Come learn about research and admissions at the MIT Media Lab! 

Caroline Jaffe (’13) and Ariel Ekblaw (’14) are two first-year graduate students in the Program in Media Arts & Sciences (MAS) who will be returning to Yale to speak about Media Lab research (human-computer interaction, social robots, Bitcoin, Lego architecture, 3D-printing and more!), the admissions process, and opportunities to connect with the Lab. They will host several events on campus:

> Media Lab Research presentation, 2 pm, CEID Lecture Hall: Presentation on Media Lab structure, research, history, philosophy and admissions. Bar pizza will be provided!

> Discussion and Q&A with Women in STEM, 4 pm, CEID upstairs: For women in STEM, discussion of experiences in industry and graduate school, with an opportunity for one-on-one Q&A. Snacks will be provided!

> Dinner and further discussion, 6 pm, Barcelona: Six students will be randomly selected by raffle for dinner at Barcelona. You can submit your name in person at one of the talks!

Feel free to get in touch with Caroline ( or Ariel ( if you have any questions!