Engineering portfolios are becoming a valuable tool for students applying to engineering positions in industry. These web-based portfolios compliment a person’s resume and provide insight into their technical skills as a designer, creator, fabricator, and problem-solver.  While the use of professional portfolios is well established in some fields, such as art, film, graphics design, and architecture, the concept is relatively new within the engineering disciplines.  As such, augmenting one’s resumes with an engineering portfolio is a competitive advantage in many ways.

This workshop will present the values and typical contents of an engineering portfolio. Participants will also review/critique a collection of engineering portfolios to gain an understanding of best practices when designing your own engineering portfolio.  Information on the process/logistics of developing your own portfolio will be presented.   Participants will be invited to return for a follow-up workshop on 11/9 where they will be invited to share their portfolios with others to receive feedback on their designs. 

Preview material for the workshop will be forwarded electronically to those who register for the workshop.

Sign-ups on Classes*V2, pizza and refreshments will be provided.