This past Wednesday CEID Design Aide Catherine Jameson (’16) lead the first 2D → 3D Workshop. The workshop pushed participants to think outside the 3D printer. Instead participants used the laser cutter, Xacto knives, and the shopbot to cut two-dimensional material into shapes that can be transformed into a 3D structure. IMG_9917

The workshop began with a brainstorm of where you might see the 3D emerging out of 2D. The ideas suggested ranged from Chairigami and forms of architecture to balloons and curling crocheted scarves. The group then constructed a chair of their own using parts cut on the shopbot. Reports were that the chair was quite comfortable!


The participants then broke off into groups either playing with foam core to create small structures from the flat surface or working on creating an outline of their own profile using Adobe Illustrator. Once everyone had had a chance to trace their profile the faces were cut out on the laser cutter. Using notched pieces of wood each participant then fit their heads onto bodies with laser cut bendable wooden necks.


On top of gaining a new understanding of the possibilities of flat surfaces through folds, cuts, and notches, everyone also left with an entirely wooden bobble head!