Members of the introduction to architecture class flooded the CEID this week to work on their first model. The assignment was to create a space using ten four by six planes, five identical columns, and pediments. The designs ranged from meditative spaces to “a nice place to have a barbeque.” The class brought students outside of the STEM to the CEID such as Mary Nguyen (‘14), a political science major, and Lucia Herrmann (‘16), an architecture major. Mary called Introduction to Architecture her “fun class” though she admitted that it was definitely intense. Lucia, an architecture major, used her planes to create a garden around a river. She laser cut the pieces and then bent them so that they were “as fluid as the river.”


The class has learned to use sketches to plan out the their designs, but many have developed their own design techniques as well. Katie Colford (‘16) is an architecture major who has also dabbled in physics, math, and philosophy. She designed her space based on the experience she wanted to convey. Her meditative space involves triangular graduated stairs to allow for an outside space which is separated from the ground. Ari Brill (‘15) started by making the components out of index cards to visualize possible designs. Ari, an intensive physics major, is working on the barbeque design. He decided to take the class to learn about “how spaces interplay to shape the environments in which people live.”


The specific assigned components have taken on so many forms that it is easy to see the diversity of the class and the diversity of the type of person you might meet at the CEID.