What is the CEID?

The Yale Center for Engineering Innovation and Design (CEID, pronounced ‘see-ee-eye-dee’) is a place to learn, create, and share. The Center is a whole of many parts:

A Physical Space.

The Center, located on the first floor of the Becton Engineering Center, gives students and faculty tools and resources for classes, design projects and collaboration. It features multiple spaces in one: a lecture area and meeting rooms for the exploration of new ideas, and machine shops, a wet lab, and a studio for the creation of physical prototypes.

A Bustle of Activity.

The Center seeks to infuse design experiences into student learning through an array of classes and activities. In addition to hosting engineering design courses, the Center holds workshops, lectures, networking events, and exhibitions. Student teams and clubs can also use the Center for meetings and project work.

A Diverse Community.

The Center’s greatest resources are the people who participate in its activities. Students, both undergraduate and graduate, make up the majority of the Center’s community. They are supported by a network of staff, faculty, and external members who serve as mentors, lecturers, speakers, and specialists. While the Center stems from the School of Engineering & Applied Science, all disciplines are welcome to engage.

A Shared Mission.

The Center aims to empower students to improve human lives through the advancement of technology. Our approach integrates engineering, innovation, and design while embracing our core values of purpose, diversity, creativity, and integrity. To learn more about our approach, please visit Our Approach.